7 SECONDS – Die Erfinder des Posicore lösen sich auf

Young until they die – Nach fast 40 Jahren Hardcore-Punk haben sich 7 SECONDS aufgelöst. Zusammen mit Minor Threat und Youth Brigade gehörten sie zur ersten Generation von US-Hardcore-Bands und nahmen mit Alben wie dem 1984 veröffentlichten „The Crew“ maßgeblich Einfluss auf die Youth Crew-Bewegung.
In seinem FB-Statement führt Sänger Kevin Seconds hauptsächlich gesundheitliche Gründe an, die vorallem das Tourleben unmöglich machen.
I had hoped to never ever have to make this announcement. In fact, I vowed to never do it because, in my heart of hearts, I figured that, as long as Steve, Troy, Bobby and I love playing our songs for people and as long as we are physically and mentally healthy, 7 Seconds would probably just go on forever until we couldn’t anymore. None of us ever wanted to make a ‚we quit‘ announcement to our friends and fans. None of us ever wanted to do reunion tours or comeback albums…First and foremost, our brother and drummer Troy Mowat has a fractured C-6 vertebrae and a torn rotator cuff and has struggled with some nerve damage in his neck and wrists for some time. All of this causes him tremendous pain and greatly affects his stamina and mobility. He basically needs to stop playing drums, at least, for the foreseeable future. Besides that, our brother and bassist Steve Youth continues to struggle with his own medical issues, most notably, blindness in his left eye due to cataracts which has contributed to bouts of of depression and anxiety and is affecting every aspect of his personal life. He has also greatly struggled to maintain his sobriety since the death of he and I’s mother in December 2016 and is currently seeking detox/recovery help…there is so much more to say and so many people we’d love to thank but for right now, that’s it. We’re done. We love and thank each and everyone of you for everything.“